Faculty & Staff


Assistant professor

EXT.: 58713

Office: HK233

Email: pingerc@nycu.edu.tw

Website: https://pingerc.lab.nycu.edu.tw


Ph.D. École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), France, Sociology
M.S. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, France, Cultural Mediation
M.S. National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan,  Journalism
B.A. National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan, Communication & Technology


Docteure associée, European Center of Sociology and Political Science, EHESS, France
Visiting doctoral researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Virginia, USA
Research Assistant, College of Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Research Interests

  • Technology-mediated intimacy
  • Sociology of emotions
  • Sociology of consumption
  • Audiences and popular culture
  • Critical data studies
  • Feminist media studies

Awards & Honors

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK
  • Doctoral excellence scholarship GSSA, Ministry of Education, Taiwan (Discipline: Sociology)
  • Honorary member of Phi-tau-phi Society, Taiwan
  • National Chiaotung University “Golden Bamboo Award”– Full-ride scholarship for excellence

Competitive fellowships

  1. Fellowship for the Leaders in Future Trends (LIFT) Program (Discipline: Cultural technologies) conferred by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  2. Fellowship for YSW at the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan at the University of Tübingen, Germany
  3. Fellowship for the European Sociological Association PhD summer school at the Fondation Maison de Science de l’Homme, France


【Articles in referred journals】

  1. Chen, W. P. (2020). Review of Heading Home: Motherhood, Work, and the Failed Promise of Equality by Shani Orgad. Sociological Research Online. [SSCI]
  2. Chen, W. P. (2019). Belabored postfeminist wifedom. Cultural Studies. Advanced online publication. DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2019.1618357 [SSCI]
  3. Chen, W. P. (2019). Review of Rated Agency: Investee Politics in a Speculative Age, by Michel Feher. Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association, 8(1). DOI: 10.25158/L8.1.17 [EBSCO; Online ISSN 2469–4053]


【 Conference presentations and papers 】

  1. Chen, W. P. (2021, July). Mediating gender culture through Taiwanese mobile intimacy. Paper presented at Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) Conference – Culture in the Pandemic Age [Digital Technologies and Screens Section], National University of Singapore, Queenstown, Singapore. [Online presentation due to Covid-19]
  2. Chen, W. P. (2021, July). New media, old practices? Re-examining hookup culture and marital ideals in Taiwanese mobile-mediated dating. Paper presented at International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference – Rethinking borders and boundaries: Beyond the global/local dichotomy in communication studies [Gender and Communication Section], United States International University-Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. [Online presentation due to Covid-19]
  3. Chen, W. P. (2020, November). Mobile-mediated dating during the pandemic. Paper presented at Taiwanese Sociological Association (TSA) Annual Conference – Taiwanese Sociology Under the Global Pandemic [Parallel Session: Covid-19, Emotions, and Care], National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (in Mandarin)
  4. Chen, W. P. (2020, July). Framing the cosmopolitan and gender identity through overseas pre-wedding photography in Taiwan. Paper presented at Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference (ACS), University of Lisbon, Portugal. [Postponed due to Covid-19]
  5. Chen, W. P. (2020, July). “Greedy but harmless”: Consuming gender embodiment through online eating shows. Paper presented at International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference – Reimagining the Digital Future: Building Inclusiveness, Respect and Reciprocity [Gender and Communication Section 1A: Cyber-femme Culture], Tampere University, Tampere, Finland. [Online presentation due to Covid-19]
  6. Chang, Y. P. & Chen, W. P. (2020, June). The gender trap in smart technolog. Paper presented at Chinese Communication Society (CCS) Annual Conference – New Paradigms of Communication Research in Cross-Border Convergence [Parallel Session: Analysis and Practice of New Media Technology], Ming Chuang University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  7. Chen, W. P. (2019, August). Overseas Pre-wedding photography, consumerist, and female individualism. Paper presented at European Sociological Association (ESA) Annual Conference – Europe and Beyond: Boundaries, Barriers, and Belonging [JS_RN11_RN13 – Families, Intimate Relationships and Emotions in the Making of Social Worlds – Parallel Session 9: The Transformative and Regressive Potentialities of New Social Forms], Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.
  8. Chen, W. P. (2019, August). Meeting on a dating app, “making it real” at a dining table: Analyzing discourse on the mobile-mediated intimacy of “foodies.” Paper presented at American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meeting – Engaging Social Justice for a Better World [Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Roundtable 1: Space and Place; Virtual and Physical], New York, USA.
  9. Chen, W. P. (2019, July). Gendering mobile-mediated dating through intimate commodities. Paper presented at International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference – Communication, Technology, and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths [Gender and Communication Section 1A: Cyber-femme Culture], Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
  10. Chen, W. P. (2018, September). Mediated modern (un)love stories and female empowerment: Consuming emotional feminist identities and lifestyles on French women’s social networking sites. Paper presented at European Sociological Association (ESA) RN18 Mid-Term Conference – Communication, Capitalism and Social Change: Policy, Practice, Praxis [Parallel Session 3B], University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.
  11. Chen, W. P. (2018, March). Guiding emotion, guiding lifestyles? Cross-national subjectivity in Taiwanese self-help culture. Paper presented at International Cultural Studies (CSAT) Annual Conference 2018 – Cultures Among Us [Parallel Session: Cultures and Contexts], National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (in Mandarin)
  12. Chen, W. P. (2017, July). “Parisian seduction” discussions over single women on social media. Paper presented at Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) Conference – Worlding: Asia beyond/after Globalization [Parallel Session: Women and New Media], Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, South Korea.

【 Workshop talks and papers】

  1. Chen, W. P. (2019, July). Fabricating “Parisian seduction” in Taiwan. A sociological view of cultural fantasy as intimate commodities. Paper presented at European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (CCKF-ERCCT) 7th Young Scholar Workshop – China’s New Sharp Power: Consequences for Taiwan and Europe [Panel 3: Taiwan Society and Social Movements], University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany.
  2. Chen, W. P. (2018, June). Fabricating “Parisian seduction”: Love- and life-styles and cultural fantasy in modern capitalism. Paper presented at European Sociological Association (ESA) PhD Summer School 2018 – Reinventing Sociology in Uncertain Times: Sociological Research and Writing in the 21st Century [Group Work Parallel Session I], Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France.



  1. Chen, W. P. (2019). “Parisian seduction,” romantic emotion, and cultural consumption. A discursive study on the ideal of female singlehood in Taiwan and France. (Doctorate thesis). École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France.