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Student exchange programs

The information of this section is only in Chinese, and just for the assistant to know the process of exchange programs.


1. Undergraduate Students

(1) Entrance Exam Excellence Scholarship

a. Gold Bamboo Prize will be awarded 300 thousand NTD; Silver Bamboo Prize will be awarded 250 thousand NTD; Bronze Bamboo Prize will be awarded 200 thousand NTD.
b. Students who get 75 points in Joint Entrance Exam will be awarded Gold Bamboo Prize unconditionally
c. Students who get 74 points in Joint Entrance will be awarded Gold Bamboo Prize as well
d. Students whose admission were by application will go through further evaluation.


(2) Outbound Exchange Student Sholarship: up to 300 thousand NTD…more

(3) Stan Shih Social Service Schlarship: up to 120 thousand NTD。For more information please contact Extracurricular Activities Division, Office of Student Affairs or click here(Chinese)

(4) English Proficiency Incentive Scholarship: up to 5000 NTD。more (Chinese, not applicable for foerign students)

2. Graduate Students

  • 1. Teaching Assistant: 4000 NTD monthly/ per class。
    2. Teaching and Administrating Assistant: 4000 NTD  monthly/ per job。
    3. Excellent Entrance Scholarship: the top 2 students will relatively receive 20000NTD
    4. Excellent Academic Performance: the top 2 students will receive  20000NTD. 
    5. Graduate Students Paper Submission Incentive
    Please click here(Chinese) for more information 

3. Other Sholarship Information

Office of Student Affairs

NCTU International Student Scholarship Information

Office of International Student