Department of communication and technology doing Industry-academic cooperation with Chinese Television System

  The first national symposium of faculty of communication graduate works was held by Chinese Television System on 17th,May,2013. The grand opening press and premiere were launched. In the past, CTS promoted industry-academic cooperation actively. Through organizing first national symposium of faculty of communication graduate works, CTS tries to provide a platform for all communication-related students to learn from each other, encouraging students to participate in original creation.

  Many principals and deans of colleges, including department of communication and technology of NCTU, had signed the partnership contract with CTS. By this way, we show the encouragement to do cooperation with CTS. The cooperation is mainly provided by CTS education and cultural channel. Students’ works will be broadcasted on the channel and raise exposure chance. CTS also provide opportunities for students to do internships. By doing so, Students can not only be familiar with communication-related companies earlier but also accumulate friendship source. By doing industry-academic cooperation, students would cultivate the passion toward communication industries and get more communication know-hows.