《Miss & April》 Medieval-Themed Board Game

《Miss & April》is a board games on the background of medieval Europe.  Luo-Yun Qin, Dai-Yan Chiang, Wei Zhang and Yuan-Ting Zhuang took one year to accomplish this work.The work assignment as follow: Luo-Yun is the director; Wei is responsible for art, Yuan-Ting and Dai-Yan discuss a matter with manufacturer, public relations and so on.

Board games has interactive element

The story surrounds the little girl “April”. One day a girl who appeared inexplicable imprint, every villagers are very panic, and then they want her be arrested, but she just disappeared without a trace. Players need to find the the girl and complete the task together, but also need to protect the girl.


There are more related content of《Miss&April》in 104 graduate exhibition on May 2 at CPT101 (Conference Hall).